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The reemergence of Paula Patton

Paula Patton who is best known as Robin Thicke’s ex-wife has been quite and living off the radar for a while until recently when she started tweeting again. The 40-year-old bombshell is a little bit more than just an infamous Hollywood divorcee but she managed to bag some great acting roles in her life.

For the longest time, Patton was regarded as the graceful woman with an ageless face and body who was a lot of men’s fantasies. She acted in some of the biggest blockbuster movies like Denzel Washington’s De Ja Vu to Tom Cruise’s Mission impossible.

Her fame seemed to wane when Robin’s soared with the release of the EP Blurred lines. She has recently resurfaced in the Twittersphere declaring that she was moving on and believed that she would find love again. Patton came back on the spotlight for the making of the game adaptation Warcraft.

Paula Patton took to social network again in December 2016 to convey her feelings over the death of former father in law, Allan Thicke, an actor best known for the 90s sitcom, growing pains who died suddenly at the age of 69 from that failure.

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